Review ~ Tenacity by J.S. Law


From the moment this book was delivered through my letter box, I knew I was going to absolutely love it. With the captivating cover of the water droplets running down the body of the steel-grey boat and the bold title in blood-red, I couldn’t wait to be submerged and experience my first time on board a submarine.

Lieutenant Danielle Lewis, the Navy’s finest Special Branch investigator, is requested on board naval submarine Tenacity, to investigate the suicide of a sailor, whose wife was found brutally murdered several days before.

Isolated and alone, Lewis is the only female among a tight-knit, male crew, whose mission is to interrogate each and every sailor, to determine if there is a connection between the sailor’s suicide and his wife’s murder. There she faces hostility, resentment and intimidation and with HMS Tenacity two hundred metres below the surface, there is nowhere for Danielle Lewis to run or to hide.

But the formidable Dan Lewis is a force to be reckoned with and I liked her immensely from the word ‘go’. She’s intelligent, strong and tenacious and what I also liked about her was the fact that she showed a vulnerable side, battling her own demons from the past, which makes her a very believable and realistic character.

To sum it up, Tenacity is a powerful, tense and pacy thriller from start to finish, with twists and turns at every corner. This is a fantastic debut crime thriller from J.S. Law and a brilliant introduction to the Lieutenant Danielle Lewis series. I for one, cannot wait for the next gripping instalment.

5 out of 5 cappuccinos

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