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In the words of Ace Tea London ‘Who says tea has to be traditional?‘ Well let me tell you there is nothing traditional about this set of delightful teas. All Ace Teas are blended to give an explosion of flavour and breathe new life into your teapot.


I was lucky enough to be sent a full set of Ace Tea London teas and what an absolute joy it was to taste each and every one, savouring and enjoying the unique flavours. There are six different varieties of tea you can purchase from Ace Tea London: Hot Ginger Green Tea, Royal Mint Green Tea, Summer Festival Fruity Green Tea, Quintessentially English Breakfast, Lady Rose and The Earl Grey. All the teas are beautifully packaged in wonderfully designed boxes and there is even a gorgeous spade shape on the side of each box, in keeping with the cleverly thought out theme.



All the flavours have been lovingly put together and I absolutely loved them all. My favourite I have to say though was the Hot Ginger Green Tea, as I am a huge ginger lover and I found it suited my own personal taste perfectly.


I was wondering how to best describe each tea and how to do them justice, but in the end I decided to settle with a brief description of each one to give you a rough idea of the individual and unique flavours available.

Hot Ginger Green Tea

A hot and spicy ginger tea, perfect for all you ginger lovers. The gorgeous aroma is like freshly baked ginger biscuits and it tastes even better, delicious. This flavour was definitely my favourite out of the six teas.

Tasting Notes

A fiery, ginger green tea that has a punch. Full-bodied and deliciously refreshing.


Royal Mint Green Tea

This tea has a powerful and refreshing flavour that definitely clears your head and gives you a real energy boost.

Tasting Notes

A strong mint expression that clears the head. Immensely refreshing, intense and energetic.


Summer Festival Fruity Green Tea

Delicious fruity aromas with a light strawberry taste. This tea would be perfect sipping on the lawn, on a warm summer’s day.

Tasting Notes

Gorgeously fruity, bursting with summer aromas and a hint of freshly cut grass.


Quintessentially English Breakfast

Refreshing and rich, this tea is a perfect way to start your day.

Tasting Notes

A rich, peppery and robust flavour that leaves a satisfying richness on the palate. Powerfully refreshing.


Lady Rose

This tea has a refreshing and floral fragrance with a delicate rose taste.

Tasting Notes

An elegant rose tea bursting with a fresh floral aroma. Deep layers of black tea with rose petals balance perfectly to create this sensory treat.


The Earl Grey

This tea has an unmistakable bouquet fragrance with a light floral taste.

Tasting Notes

A vibrant and punchy Earl Grey that is generously citrusy and bursting with bergamot. A full-bodied taste experience.


What I also loved about these delicious teas were the actual tea stockings.  They are so luxurious, as they feel quite silky and the colourful tea is a delight too. You also get a ‘tea card’ hiding inside each box, which I think is a great idea and adds that little bit extra.

On the reverse of each box there is the Ace Tea manifesto, tasting notes and advised brew time, describing how best to enjoy each unique flavour and these lovely teas can also be enjoyed hot, iced or blended in a cocktail. Perfect!

Who says tea has to be traditional?

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I was gifted this product without expectation of a review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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