Review ~ Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris

Jack and Grace are a beautiful and wealthy married couple, who have it all. He’s a successful and charming lawyer and she’s the perfect, supportive wife. They are the envy of everyone. They have a glamorous house, mix in high circles and have a life style most could only dream of. But underneath their immaculate and flawless exterior, cracks are beginning to show. Why is Grace always too busy to talk on the phone and why does she constantly cancel lunch arrangements with friends? How does she stay so slim, even though she cooks elaborate meals for her friends? And why is Jack constantly at Grace’s side, watching her every move? Are they simply a couple in love, who can’t bare to be separated from each other or is there something more sinister at play?

Well they said it was the thriller everyone is raving about and I have to say, I totally agree. I was engrossed from the start and didn’t want to put it down until the final truth was revealed.

The story is told through past and present chapters, which only draws you in further, into the complex and vulnerable lives of the characters. This is B A Paris’ gripping debut psychological thriller, which is written in a chilling and heart stopping way. I found myself willing Grace to succeed and I couldn’t wait to find out if good would eventually triumph over evil. The plot was cleverly thought out, with darkness and horror surrounding it and if you enjoyed the likes of Gone Girl then this one is definitely for you. Behind Closed Doors most definitely deserves to be raved about.

4 out of 5 cappuccinos

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