Review ~ The Second Chance Shoe Shop by Marcie Steele

What first attracted me to this book was the fabulous cover. I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to an attractive book cover and the combination of colour, subject matter and intriguing title, completely sealed the deal for me.

This is the first Marcie Steele book that I have read and I can honestly say I loved it! It was fun, humorous, thought provoking and uplifting. I warmed to the characters straight away, feeling as if I had known them for years. I loved the idea of the storyline being centred around a shoe shop, what girl doesn’t love a fabulous pair of shoes? Throw love, friendship, laughter and tears into the mix and you end up with a perfectly balanced little gem of a book.

I went through various emotions on my journey reading The Second Chance Shoe Shop. I felt happy and elated when Riley met Ethan, pleased that she had eventually found a decent guy to be with. I felt excited at the flash mob scene and read that part with a huge smile on my face, thinking how much fun it would be to get involved in the dance routine and I also felt sadness in the parts where Sadie talks about Ross and wishes she could tell him the things that are happening in her life and their six year old daughter’s life. I think any book that can take the reader through so many different emotions, definitely deserves a big thumbs up.

As an avid thriller reader, it is not very often that I choose a chick-lit to read, however I thoroughly enjoyed the change of scenery and absolutely adored reading this one from start to finish. It grabbed my attention right from the beginning and didn’t let me go until the final word was read.

Huge praise for Marcie Steele for expressing thoughts and feelings so well and for bringing all the characters to life in such a vivid and heart-warming way. I think I might be reading a lot more chick-lit books after this. I’m off to get myself another Marcie Steele novel.

5 out of 5 cappuccinos

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I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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