Loving Zermatt In Springtime

Whilst holidaying in the beautiful Jungfrau region in Switzerland recently, we decided to take a trip over to Zermatt for the day and experience what this lovely mountain resort had to offer. I’ve been wanting to visit Zermatt for a while now, so I was quite excited about our little excursion. We went by car and two hours later, with an exciting, if not eerie, ride on an open train through the dark mountains, we parked the car at the nearby town of Täsch and took the 15 minute train journey into the centre of Zermatt.

To prevent pollution the entire town is a car-free zone and the only vehicles allowed are battery operated ones. Some hotels use electric shuttle buses to ferry visitors to and from different places and these little vehicles were everywhere. You definitely had to keep a good eye out for them, as you couldn’t hear them coming up behind you. Hotels sometimes use horse-drawn carriages for their guests and on a few occasions we saw the huge horses trotting up and down the main street. Unfortunately, our dog Teddy didn’t like the horses one little bit and didn’t mind letting everyone know about it! Needless to say we hurriedly whisked him away until he had calmed down a little. One of the main reasons for us to visit Zermatt, apart from all the lovely boutique shops, fancy hotels and mouth-watering restaurants, was to see and admire the breath-taking Matterhorn mountain.

The Matterhorn lies above Zermatt and the iconic triangular shape of the mountain makes it instantly recognisable along with the fame brought to it by appearing on the side of the Toblerone packaging. I must admit, I was completely blown away by it. The impressive mountain was a lot closer to the area than I thought and she stood proudly, surveying all that was below her. As you can imagine, my camera went into overdrive and I must have taken about 300 photos of just the mountain! Anyway, you can’t have too many photos, that’s what I say.

Once I was happy with the amount of photographs I had taken, we stopped off at a lovely restaurant (with a perfect view of the Matterhorn) and enjoyed a spot of lunch, basking in the springtime sunshine.

We had a fabulous day, topped off with ice-creams all round and a leisurely stroll back to the train station, ready for our journey home. Was Zermatt everything I’d hoped it would be? Absolutely, I would recommend visiting this lovely place to anyone, it’s a real photographic hot spot.

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