Discovering The Venetian Islands of Murano & Burano

Last week saw me writing about our fabulous weekend getaway trip to Venice  and what an amazing trip that was. This week’s post is all about our fabulous Venetian excursions to the beautiful islands of Murano and Burano.

Murano and Burano both lie in the Venetian lagoon along with several other islands, including Torcello, Mazzorbo and Lido di Venezia (this is a good location if you fancy a spot of sunbathing at the beach) and no Venice trip would be complete without visiting some, if not all, of these wonderful islands.



Even though we only had three days in Venice, there was definitely still time to take excursions and experience other places. Both Murano and Burano were at the top of my list when it came to additional things to do and so after exploring much of Venice, we decided to take a trip over to the different islands and discover new sights.



A good way to get over to the different islands is by vaporetto (water bus) and you can do this easily from the Fondamente Nove stop. This station has four water bus platforms and is situated along the northern edge of the city. It costs 20 euros per person for an all day ticket and you can hop on and off at different locations.


Murano, as many people know, is famous for its beautiful glass making and you’ll find several shops on the island selling colourful jewellery, vases, trinkets and many other items for you to purchase and take home as souvenirs, just make sure they are the genuine Murano article though before you buy anything, as apparently, there are some counterfeit items around. After searching for our own souvenir, we eventually decided on a colourful glass photo frame for our kitchen and we absolutely love it!

Murano is a lovely place to explore with its glass factories and museums to visit, different shops to browse around and not forgetting the delicious gelato to try, there is even a giant glass sculpture called Cometa di Vetro (comet glass star) to admire. This sculpture was designed by master glass maker Simone Cenedese in 2007 for the annual Christmas celebration and it also illuminates at night.

As we had spent most of the day walking around and enjoying what Murano had to offer, we decided to leave exploring Burano until the following day, so we could appreciate the island fully without having to rush back.


Burano was definitely my favourite of the two islands we visited. We took the water taxi from the Fondamente Nove station the day after our visit to Murano and had a lovely time strolling around the island, discovering quaint alleyways, crossing bijou bridges and admiring all the vibrantly coloured houses, which was a photographer’s paradise. Why are the houses so colourful, I hear you ask, well legend has it, they were painted so vibrantly to help guide the local fishermen safely back home in bad weather, as they returned from a day at sea. Also, if the inhabitants want to change the colour of their property, they have to seek permission first.

We also loved the leaning bell tower of Burano – the campanile of the church of San Martino. Built in the seventeenth century, this was such a fascinating sight, protruding from the top of the painted houses and steeped in history.

Along with the spectacular rows of colourful houses, Burano is also famous for its lace making and there are several shops on the island selling beautifully made garments made with this delicate material. Lace made the traditional way is quite rare now, as the process is extremely time consuming and therefore expensive. There are also some shops selling colourful souvenirs if you fancy taking a piece of Burano back home with you.

If you are looking for a bite to eat, there are several lovely restaurants to choose from. We chose a great restaurant called Ai Cesendeli and sat at a table by the canal with a fabulous view, where we watched the world go by. We ordered pizzas for lunch, which tasted divine, as well as enjoying a delicious and creamy cappuccino, well, it is Italy after all.

Once we had fully enjoyed and explored the delights of Burano, we hopped back on the vaporetto and headed back to Venice to enjoy the remainder of our stay.

We both had a great time discovering new places and soaking up the colourful atmosphere and if you ever get the chance to explore these wonderful islands too, definitely take the trip, they are well worth the visit.

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