Besotted With Biscotti

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I have completely fallen in love with Italy and the whole Italian way of life. I love the beautiful cities (check out what I thought about Venice and the Venetian islands), I love the amazing culture and I also love the delicious food and drink, especially the Aperol Spritz and the scrumptious Italian biscuits. So when Great British Biscotti Co sent me all of their lovely Biscotti range to try, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was and I really couldn’t wait to delve into the brown, colourful boxes to discover what delightful goodies lay within.

Biscotti, which originated in the Tuscan city of Prato, Italy, are twice-baked biscuits and are traditionally almond flavoured, with a dry and crunchy texture. Great British Biscotti Co have put their own clever spin on things however and have created a whole new world of biscotti biscuits, encompassing delicious and unique flavours, which pair perfectly with an array of different hot beverages.

Great British Biscotti Co is a company of small batch artisan bakers, based in Dorset, which produce an extensive range of both sweet and savoury flavoured biscotti and I was lucky enough to be sent their whole range of delicious flavours to try, making me feel completely and utterly spoilt.

There are six flavours in the sweet range to choose from and are available in both traditional biscuit finger or biscotti crouton formats.

White Chocolate, Cranberries & Pistachio ~ perfect with a smooth hot chocolate.

Honey, Lemon & Ginger ~ worlds first biscotti for tea.

Coffee & Walnut ~ ideal with a rich espresso.

Chocolate Orange ~ great as an after dinner treat.

Chunky Belgian Chocolate ~ perfect with a frothy cappuccino.

Simply Almond ~ ideal with a smooth Americano.

All these deliciously flavoured biscotti tasted extremely good, but my favourites, I have to say, were definitely the Simply Almond and the Coffee & Walnut.

There are also six amazing flavours in the savoury range to choose from too, all representing the ultimate accompaniment to many dishes or light bites.

Sun Dried Tomato & Olives ~ ideal accompaniment to a cheese board.

Wild Garlic & Rosemary ~ a delicious enhancement to soup.

Chorizo & Parmesan ~ perfect with soup or salads.

Jalapeno & Cheddar ~ perfect with a cheese board or soup.

Indian Spice (great taste award 2015) ~ ideal with soup or salads.

Parmesan & Fennel (great taste award 2015) ~ delicious with cheese and salads.

So whatever your individual tastes are, whether you have a sweet tooth or you just prefer a savoury snack, there is literally something for everyone to enjoy. Time for a cappuccino and a biscotti or two, anyone else want one?

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I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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