Finding a Message In A Bottle at Sting’s Tuscan Farm Shop

We’ve all heard of the new wave band The Police and frontman Sting in particular and what fantastic music they have produced and developed over the years, but did you know that Sting has his very own vineyard and estate in Tuscany and more to the point, his very own farm shop? ‘No’, I hear you all cry, well he does and we had the pleasure of looking round it, savouring and breathing in all the quintessential Tuscan atmosphere, with every breath we took.

Sting and his wife Trudie Styler bought the sixteenth-century estate, Il Palagio, back in 1999, inheriting vineyards, olive groves and outbuildings and over the years have lovingly restored and renovated the villa and the estate to their former glory. After producing an abundance of delicious products on Il Palagio, they decided to open a farm shop, just down the road from their villa, where they could showcase and sell all of their gorgeous goodies.

Based in the Chianti region of Tuscany, close to the medieval town of Figline Valdarno, this gorgeous Tuscan farm shop, Tenuta Il Palagio, stocks an array of different produce all grown or made on Sting’s very own estate in Tuscany. This farm shop included red, white and rosé wines, all produced from Sting’s very own vineyard, along with several types of delicious honey, golden olive oil, a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables and a collection of beautifully painted ceramics.

You can even phone up the farm shop and reserve your vegetables if you want to, how cool is that!

One of the things I loved about the wines (apart from the sumptuous flavours of course), were the individual names of the wines and in particular, the wines named after several of Sting’s famous songs, including Message in a Bottle and Sister Moon. We purchased two different wines called When We Dance and Casino Delle Vie, a wine named after a property on Sting’s estate. Both of the wines we chose were red (well, we were in the Chianti region after all) and I also couldn’t resist buying some delicious and rich Chestnut honey to go with my croissants and bread rolls for breakfast, yummy.

My hubby and I may have indulged in a spot of wine tasting whilst we were there, which was very nice indeed and always a good idea to try before you buy and even though it was a fairly small and quiet farm shop, it is definitely worth the visit, especially if you are in the area and it is owned by Sting after all. Between you and me, I was secretly hoping that Sting might be serving behind the till when we went and make our holiday dreams complete, but unfortunately there was no Sting to be seen (sigh). Oh well, better luck next time, I might have to send out an SOS.

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  1. Sue Moyes
    8th September 2017 / 6:52 pm

    Will definitely be visiting this farm shop next year.

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