My Top 5 Favourite Festive Films

I just love, love, love Christmas movies and so I couldn’t let the festive season go by without doing a post on my favourite Christmassy films. Festive films play quite an important role in our family Christmas traditions and we start our marathon of viewing as soon as our tree goes up, which is always the first weekend in December.

Curling up on the sofa in front of a warm glowing fire, with a delicious glass of Baileys in hand and enjoying a feel-good Christmas movie, has got to be one of the best ways to spend a cold, Wintery Sunday afternoon, in fact, any day of the week is perfect for movie watching to be honest.

As we are now a couple of weeks into December, my family and I have got quite a few Christmas films watched already and have others lined up, just waiting to be enjoyed. We have many festive favourites and it’s almost too difficult to choose between them, however, with a little bit of a struggle, I’ve managed to narrow my choice down to my top 5.

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 favourite films of the festive season.


This black and white festive film really pulls at the old heart strings, with a storyline that teaches us to really appreciate the true beauty and meaning of life and family. Have your tissues at the ready for this wonderful and thought-provoking tearjerker.


Every time I watch this film, I’m instantly transported back to the 80’s, with fond memories of watching Bill Murray as the relatively modern day Scrooge. A feel-good Christmas film with a fun and clever retelling of the classic ‘A Christmas Carol’.

3. ELF

Well, you knew it was going to be on here, didn’t you? You can’t compile a festive film list and not include Elf! Fun, laughter and family reunion at its best.


I included this Christmas movie, because I love any film that is written by the brilliantly talented, John Hughes. It’s as simple as that really. Throw in a couple of bad guys, family get-togethers and an eight year old, left to defend the family home and you get great, all round family entertainment.


I guess with this film, some of you won’t have even heard of this movie, let alone seen it, but for me, it just had to feature on my festive list. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen as husband and wife, who decide not to celebrate Christmas one particular year, as their only daughter is spending the holiday season working away. They cancel all of their Christmas celebrations and traditions and book to go on a cruise instead, but at the last minute, their daughter phones to say she’s coming home for Christmas! This is such a fun and entertaining film, with several ‘laugh out loud’ moments and a generous helping of good old fashioned, neighbourly Christmas spirit.

So that’s my round-up of Yuletide movies. If you have a favourite festive film, please do let me know in the comment box, I’m always on the look out for new Christmas movies to enjoy. Merry Christmas!

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