Discovering Venchi ~ My New Chocolate Haven

Happy New Year everyone! I must admit I am slightly overdue with this sentiment, but the festive season, as you all know, can be a busy and hectic time. Now things have settled down somewhat and we’re already making our way through January, I’m back with my first blog post of 2018!

With Christmas all done and dusted for another year, my thoughts are increasingly taken up with the planning and excitement of this year’s summer holiday. I know for some of you, this is still early days where summer holidays are concerned, but for us, it’s all systems go! As we had such an amazing holiday in Italy last year, we’ve decided to return to fabulous Tuscany again this year, to soak up some bellissima Italian sun, not to mention indulging in the odd Aperol Spritz here and there.

It was whilst we were strolling around Florence last year, that we stumbled upon the fabulous chocolatier and gelato shop, Venchi. This was our first ever encounter of this gorgeous chocolate shop and had no idea that there were many other stores all over Italy and beyond.


To simply put it, it’s paradise in a shop. It’s the ultimate chocolate haven for chocoholics like me, with so many different and luxurious chocolates to try, not forgetting the gelato, which is totally to die for! With just about every flavour under the sun, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice with your ice-cream decision making. I must admit, it took us forever to choose which flavour of gelato we wanted to try and by the time we had all eventually decided, a pretty long queue had formed!

It’s not just the mouth-watering goodies that look so delicious either, the actual shops themselves are so incredibly enticing, with a wall of running chocolate and cute window displays, it’s hard not to get completely carried away with the whole chocolate fairytale experience.


Once we had discovered our first shop in Florence, there was no stopping us! Everywhere we went in Italy, we spotted a Venchi shop and we especially loved the store in Rome! But, the good thing is, you don’t have to go all the way to Italy to try this wonderful chocolate and gelato, it’s available much closer to home, with several stores conveniently located in London, including one of my favourite places, Covent Garden! Alternatively, if London is still too far, you can always order your chocolate goodies and gifts online.

Covent Garden, London

So, the next time you’re feeling a chocolate craving coming on or you’re in the mood for some delicious gelato, why not head off in search of your nearest Venchi, I guarantee you’ll love it, even if it does take you an age to choose!

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