Chocolate & Peanut Butter Freakshake

I’ve seen quite a few different freakshakes recently, dotted around on different websites and across social media, but have never actually indulged in one myself. They all look so deliciously messy and so wickedly tempting, so I thought I would succumb to my increasing desire for one and try making one of these crazy drinks myself.

For my first ever freakshake, I decided to make it a Chocolate & Peanut Butter one. Well, oh my goodness, let me tell you, it was so freaking delicious. The gorgeous and yummy flavours of chocolate and peanut butter is an already tried and tested perfect combination, so I couldn’t really fail and the crunchiness of the biscuits just added to all the different flavours and textures. My girls loved it too and are still putting their orders in for more differently flavoured freakshakes. So with that in mind, would I make more of these ever so slightly addictive jars of scrumptiousness, I hear you all ask? Absolutely, my freakshake flag is well and truly flying.

Ingredients ~ makes 1 mason drinking jar

3 heaped scoops chocolate ice cream

250ml milk

1 peanut butter Oreo

1tbsp peanut butter plus extra for coating the rim

To Decorate

whipped cream

handful white mini marshmallows

handful mixed chopped nuts

handful chocolate sprinkles

2 peanut butter Oreos

chocolate sauce


1. Blend together the ice cream, milk, peanut butter Oreo and the peanut butter, until smooth.

2. Spread some extra peanut butter around the rim of the glass jar and roll the rim in the chocolate sprinkles, until coated.

3. Pour the blended ice cream mixture into the glass jar and squirt a generous helping of whipped cream on the top. Decorate with two peanut butter Oreos, mixed chopped nuts, mini white marshmallows and a generous glug of chocolate sauce. Enjoy!

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